Grosvenor Hart Homes: A new social enterprise

In 2022, we established Grosvenor Hart Homes, a new social enterprise. Founded with the ambition of improving outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and their families, the initiative looks to provide high-quality affordable homes alongside tailored wrap-around support services whose success in helping individuals progress is built around the stability that comes from having the certainty of a safe and secure home.

We are working with local authorities to address local housing needs by developing a plan for referring families with children and young people who may be considered vulnerable and requiring support in their transition to adulthood. The model enables access to tailored support services aimed at removing barriers to employment, financial stability, health, mental health, education and wellbeing.

We are currently developing a proof-of- concept, providing a small number of homes in Chester and are working with a range of public, private and third sector organisations to deliver a cohesive set of support services to build lasting solutions. Our ambition is to learn from our early activities and to develop a scalable business model capable of improving the life chances of many more people.

Grosvenor has a long history of social housing provision both in London and Chester. There are over 700 affordable homes in Mayfair and Belgravia, most of which were provided through the actions of previous generations of the Grosvenor family. This new initiative takes inspiration for its name from Hart Street in Mayfair where some of the first social housing units we created continue to be based.

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