Our UK property business commits to 100% biodiversity increase in developments

Grosvenor Property UK has launched an industry-leading biodiversity strategy, complementing its journey to reduce its carbon footprint by 90% by 2040.

Commitments include a 20% biodiversity increase on managed green space and a 100% increase in new developments by 2030 using Defra’s Biodiversity Metric 3.0.

This approach enhances its longstanding support for building biodiverse communities through the creation and management of a wide range of habitat types, providing food and shelter for priority species.

Beyond the direct benefits of reversing biodiversity loss, integrated strategies like this can aid urban climate resilience, helping to regulate urban heat island effects and mitigate flood risk.

Recent successes include the approval of plans to transform Grosvenor Square into an extraordinary urban garden and a 200% biodiversity increase at our Holbein Gardens development.

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