Positive change. Lasting benefit.

Reflecting on 2022, I believe we emerged from the pandemic a stronger organisation. Stronger because of  the way our people helped each  other throughout multiple lockdowns and unprecedented challenges.

Stronger because of the way we quickly acted to support the communities of which we are part, and because of the closer and better relationships that have since developed. And finally, stronger because making the right choices  and doing the right thing in hard times underpins the foundations for long-term success and is true to our history as an organisation and to that of the Grosvenor family.

2022 was a story of post-Covid recovery and adjustment to new patterns of work and to a new way of living and spending our spare time in cities. Just as others have been, we have been challenged to think, plan and act in new ways as we help tackle the climate emergency, manage escalating costs and the impact these have had on communities, and ensure the financial sustainability of our business activities.

I believe we have achieved a great deal under these circumstances and am proud of our approach, which continues to be driven by a uniting purpose to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit. This Annual Review provides  details of this approach in action, and of  our investment activities which aim to strike the right balance between meeting today’s needs while taking responsibility for those of future generations.

Mark Preston
Executive Trustee & Chief Executive

2022 highlights

Find out more in our Annual Review.

1. Our commercial activities proved resilient in the face of challenging economic conditions, delivering an overall performance in line with our expectations.

2. We are setting a Grosvenor-wide carbon commitment to reduce our emissions in line with limiting global warming to 1.5°C, building on and accelerating our progress in curbing our carbon emissions across our business activities.

3. We have made strong progress in advancing ambitious strategies to deliver lasting benefit.

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