Reshaping food supply chains

In 2022, we announced our investment in supply chain and eCommerce food technology business GrubMarket.

GrubMarket, a profitable business with over US$1bn a year in revenue, uses an integrated suite of technologies and a global online marketplace to supply fresh foods across the United States and around the world: a ‘B2B Amazon’ for fresh food, serving many of the biggest corporates and grocery stores and connecting food producers, suppliers and customers.

The technology suite that GrubMarket has developed and acquired allows the company to reduce waste, improve distribution efficiencies and enable broader access to fresh, healthy food, often to parts of the US where affordable access to fresh produce has proven challenging to deliver. 

The food supply chain industry is just beginning to adopt the advances that have already reshaped the supply chains for many other consumables, in part because fresh food requires a much closer integration of markets and supplies,

GrubMarket is uniquely positioned to help drive this new wave of digital transformation thanks to its expertise in world-class software development and immersive understanding of the food industry.

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