Significantly improving our GRESB reporting scores in North America

In North America, we’ve been publicly disclosing our environmental impact reduction efforts for over 15 years. 2022 marked our second reporting cycle to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), a globally recognised benchmarking tool.

Reflecting advancements made under our environmental, social and governance goals, we achieved considerable score increases over the prior year and exceeded benchmark averages in Leadership, Policies, Reporting and Stakeholder Engagement. 

Placing 1st in both GRESB score and Development score within Americas, Non-listed, Core, Closed end ranking, we saw a 17-point improvement in our Development assessment, 10 points above industry peer average of 81, and secured four Green Stars.

These results demonstrate our ongoing commitment to managing our environmental impact on the places and communities where we build and invest, providing clarity on our performance for our like-minded tenants and partners.

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