Strategic partnerships driving sustainability through soybeans

Benson Hill, a food tech company taking the promise of rapid, selective seed breeding, including the benefits of Crispr technology, to develop an integrated company that is supplying high-protein soy and yellow pea ingredients to critical markets around the world, announced two strategic partnerships in 2022 and a third in January 2023.

A long-term strategic partnership with ADM, a global leader in alternative protein and nutrition products and solutions, will scale innovative soy ingredients that feature less-processed proteins with significant water and carbon sustainability benefits, helping to meet the rapidly growing demand for plant-based proteins.

A collaboration with Riverence Holdings, the largest land-based producer of steelhead and rainbow trout in the Americas, is helping to enhance the sustainability of aquaculture supply chains, offering an efficient and cost-effective solution to sourcing plant- based, traceable ingredients which are free of deforestation for use in fish feed – a significant challenge for the industry.

A third partnership with Denmark- based BioMar, agreed to a collaboration between the two companies to advance BioMar’s responsible sourcing programme by leveraging Benson Hill soy and further assessing the impact of aquaculture through the sustainability of high-performance aquafeed formulations.

Benson Hill advances sustainability goals throughout the ingredient development process – from monitoring regenerative and deforestation-free practices on the farm to producing ingredients that reduce water and energy-intensive protein concentrating steps in processing.

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