Using the power of boxing to emotionally connect with others

Rhys Verlander and Dr. Kathy Adcock describe themselves as ‘coaching parents’ for the young people visiting the Rathbone Amateur Boxing Club in central London, which welcomes young people aged 11-18 for mentoring and therapeutic interventions.

In partnership with In Your Corner, they run the Fight Connect programme, expertly blending boxing with clinical psychology to offer young people holistic support and emotional regulation. 

The Westminster Foundation supports the programme, which lasts 12 weeks and works progressively on young peoples’ non-contact boxing and wellbeing.

Those attending the club come from a range of backgrounds. Some have been in the care of their local authority, while others were involved with social services or youth offending teams. 

Most have social, emotional or behavioural obstacles, ranging from mental health issues to neurodevelopmental difficulties such as ADHD.

By the end of the programme, the majority of attendees have made substantial gains in their health and wellbeing alongside their boxing and communication skills.

Group 2