Donating volunteering hours

Our UK property business donated 1,195 volunteering hours and over £450,000 in 2022 to Groundwork, supporting local communities to address the climate emergency and improve access to green space for people across Westminster. 

This has created 25 new jobs for people who were previously unemployed and funded 26 climate-led community projects that will benefit over 25,000 people.

In North America, our three offices have supported 29 charitable organisations across 2022, providing volunteering support and over CAD$850,000 of charitable donations. 

To mark Juneteenth, our Washington, D.C. team volunteered with Martha’s Table where they bagged and loaded 1,400 bags of groceries for Martha’s team to distribute to local children and families in need of nutritious food. 

The three offices also held 27 events and 10 awareness campaigns, and over 800 hours of voluntary support were given to mental health initiatives, pride events, racial equality events and Truth & Reconciliation Day.

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