Employee Diversity & Inclusion activities

Our success at Grosvenor is dependent on attracting, developing and retaining talented people who share and believe in our values. We are committed to building an inclusive culture which attracts people from all parts of society and values every person for the individual talents they bring. 

Most parts of Grosvenor currently have a gender balance a little over 50% in favour of females – among our 2021 initiatives was the introduction of a dedicated return from maternity leave coaching programme. We have been as keen to create opportunities for minority groups to champion issues they care about – our Culture Network now has four employee-led groups which are developing informative events and helping to change perceptions (Pride Network; (Dis)Ability Network; Racial Equality Network; Understanding Faith Network).

We believe that a culture of inclusivity is key to our future success at Grosvenor and a key priority in 2021 was to develop a range of mentoring and apprenticeship programmes on both a local and international scale. Meanwhile, we were concerned by the widespread stress brought about by successive lockdowns across our offices and we worked hard to support the mental health and wellbeing of our people via a range of initiatives. We have embraced flexible working arrangements, while continuing to champion the benefits for individuals as well as for our businesses and related communities of convening and working together in person, this being key to the provision of mutual support.

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