Empowering communities in the climate emergency

Greener Futures is Grosvenor Property UK’s new Community Investment Programme, focused on communities and the climate emergency.

Communities have a critical role to play in helping tackle the climate emergency, but they’re often over-looked as part of the response. Tackling climate change can also benefit communities, making a difference to wellbeing, creating jobs and improving places for the long term.

Launched in 2021, Greener Futures is a new £1m+ investment programme focused on empowering this response in places where our UK urban property business is active. 

Through a mix of grant giving, fundraising and staff support, the four-year programme aims to:

  • Enable community-led climate action through activities including air quality, recycling or biodiversity initiatives 
  • Improve disadvantaged young people’s access to nature; and 
  • Support training and jobs in the green economy by working with our charity partner, Groundwork, creating opportunities in areas like conservation, energy and horticulture.
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