Investing in plant activated fertilisers that improve yields and reduce pollution

In 2020, Grosvenor Food & AgTech acquired Ostara, whose innovative nutrient management solutions recover phosphorus from wastewater, such as water treatment sites, to produce eco-friendly fertilisers.

Ostara’s Pearl technology is rooted in the circular economy (reducing waste and pollution, keeping resources in use and restoring natural systems) by recovering phosphorus – a finite global resource concentrated in few territories – from wastewater treatment sites in cities, on farms and from industry.

It transforms the essential nutrients into crystallised granules which are harvested, dried and bagged, ready for distribution as Crystal Green, an environmentally responsible fertiliser.

Unlike conventional fertilisers, the nutrients in Crystal Green are only released when triggered by natural chemical reactions in the growing roots of plants, increasing phosphate uptake. This is proven to improve crop performance, increasing yields, while reducing nutrient run off, protecting our waterways from pollution by up to 75%.

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