Managing all of our forestry sustainably

The largest programme of tree planting on the Eaton Estate in a single year – with 430,000 trees introduced across more than 25 hectares – was completed as part of an environmental scheme to improve water quality, increase biodiversity and reduce the risk of flooding. 

The scheme will help improve the water quality by intercepting surface runoff, stopping nutrients from polluting the water course. It will also provide shade, helping to keep the water cool, slow the flow during any flood periods and prevent soil erosion.

A variety of native trees, including six varieties of willow, poplar, alder, aspen, hazel, oak, beach, field maple and cherry trees, were planted. 

Willow has the second highest insect count of any native tree after oak, attracting more than 260 different types that provide a source of food for birds and small animals, enhancing biodiversity. It is also an early food source for bees and other pollinating insects. 

All of our forestry across Grosvenor’s rural estates is managed sustainably. 

Trees and the soils they grow in are a valuable carbon store and remove atmospheric carbon as they grow.

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