Providing education and employment support for young Londoners

The Westminster Foundation has teamed up with Street League to create an innovative Hub for Excellence providing young Londoners with education and employment support.

With 28% of children living in poverty, lower than average level of GCSE attainment and high pay inequality, many young people in Westminster face significant and disproportionate barriers to sustainable employment, including leaving school without qualifications, having learning difficulties, or criminal backgrounds.

The Hub will combine Street League’s successful sports and employment programme with a new qualifications programme, giving local young people a second chance to achieve their Maths and English qualifications in an inclusive and engaging environment. 

Supported by a grant from the Westminster Foundation worth more than £400,000 over five years, the Hub will support 300 young Londoners, providing tutorials and employability sessions, and daily sports sessions to develop participants’ broader skills and confidence.

These qualifications will help young people pursue further education or apprenticeships, and in turn, increase their earning potential and financial security.

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