Restoring the environment and supporting biodiversity

Grosvenor Farms, our award-winning commercial farm in Cheshire, introduced more field margins which support locally and nationally important species of flora and fauna, during 2021.

Grosvenor Farms manages approximately 12% of its land to support greater biodiversity and improve natural habitats.

There are currently 72 hectares of margins on the farm which are sown with seeds to provide feed for wild birds over winter and pollen and nectar rich plants in the warmer months, enhancing biodiversity, as well as better protecting water courses.

In the last three years, we have planted 24,000 hedge plants which act as wildlife corridors to support a wide range of birds, mammals as well as insects and plants, increasing the total across the farm to 136 miles. 

We have restored 34 ponds, supporting an important ecosystem and planted more than 100,000 trees to help remove atmospheric carbon as they grow and store it.

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