Careers in Europe

Working in Madrid, Stockholm, Paris

Careers in Madrid, Stockholm, Paris

Grosvenor has been active in Europe since the 1990s and now has more than 60 people working across offices in Stockholm, Paris, Madrid and Luxembourg.

You’ll be joining a vibrant, international team with a culture that both engages with the communities we operate in and draws up our international experience. Our benefits packages are competitive and are tailored to each country.

Here from some of our people what it is like to work for Grosvenor Europe:

“Since I joined the company in 2017, one of the things I most value is that Grosvenor brings me the opportunity to develop my career and knowledge in a local environment with the benefits and perspective of an international company.

Having the possibility to exchange different points of views from colleagues from different countries and cultures is really enrichening for me.”

Javier Martin, Director, Development in Madrid

David Wright

“Working at Grosvenor has broadened my horizons, both figuratively and literally, as I started as a Financial Reporting Accountant in London and am now a Director of Finance in Stockholm. Over the years Grosvenor has provided me with opportunities to expand my skill set with exposure to transactions, financings, restructuring, portfolio management and investor relations which is one of the many reasons I enjoy working at Grosvenor.”

Cecile Imbault

“I have been working at Grosvenor for almost five years now, over which time my role has evolved significantly. I joined in charge of new financings and tax structuring, but now I oversee the Spanish and French finance teams. I have had multiple opportunities to develop existing and learn new skills, including moving to Spain for one year to learn about the local market and establish a new team there.”

Davy Portway

"Joining Grosvenor set my life on a new trajectory, it has given me the opportunity to move to a new country and to pursue a career with a truly unique property company. Since joining, I have been handed countless opportunities to advance my career, both within the Investment and Development team, and in wider Grosvenor Europe initiatives, such as how we can increase biodiversity across our portfolio."

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