Can human healthcare analytics be repurposed to improve the health and productivity of plants and animals, reducing harsh chemicals and antibiotics?

We’ve shown they can. We helped form Synomics in 2020, bringing together leading companies in the agri-tech, animal health and precision medicine industries, to enable food producers to increase animal and crop production and improve animal health and welfare.

Harnessing the analytic power of the precisionlife® platform – which interprets complex biological data and other influences to develop our understanding of how foods, medicines and healthcare can be combined to improve peoples’ health – Synomics can rapidly develop insights which enable more informed decision making by vets, livestock managers and crop farmers and the businesses who serve them.

Synomics Insights can process large data sources, analysing biological and environmental factors, and how they act in combination, to drive improvements throughout the food and agricultural industry. These include creating new ways to manage and treat diseases in plants and animals while reducing the use of chemicals and antimicrobials and accelerating genetic improvement to enhance health, productivity, and fertility.

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Dr. Peter Kristensen

Managing Partner, Grosvenor Food & AgTech

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