Assisting youth with professional virtual training

Staff from our San Francisco office are volunteering to provide professional skills training for young people.

The Development School for Youth (DSY) is a leadership-training program for young people aged 16 to 21 from low income communities. The program partners with organizations whose business executives and managers lead weekly workshops and workplace training and paid, summer internship opportunities. Through these internships, corporations have directly invested over $1M in some of the USA’s poorest communities. 

Our San Francisco office has partnered with DSY since 2011, hosting workshops and internships and providing valuable financial support. Some of our staff have volunteered as workshop leaders, intern supervisors and mentors to yearly DSY cohorts.

When the pandemic hit, DSY continued their programming without skipping a beat. The students quickly learned how to use Zoom to transition from in-person to virtual workshops, and DSY volunteers, including Grosvenor employees, stepped up their investment of time to help. Mock job interviews via video conference began in mid-March and the students are adapting well.

If you would like to learn more about DSY, or volunteer with the program, please click here.

It has been so rewarding to work with the students on their networking, resumes, interviews, and ultimately, their internship. Working with these young people reminds me of how I viewed my future and the professional world at that age. I always find myself reflecting on how much I’ve learned and have yet to learn, but more importantly, how rewarding it is to mentor.” – Madeleine Roberts, Grosvenor Americas.

“Being able to learn from all the volunteers has made me more confident where I can speak up for myself and make my own decisions.” – DSY Student.

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