Defibrillator installed in North Mayfair

Grosvenor Square latest London public space to host easy to use life-saving equipment

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland has installed an automated external defibrillator in Grosvenor Square, to expand public access to essential life-saving equipment. 

Around 32% of people survive a cardiac arrest in a public place but, where there is a defibrillator, the chance of survival can increase to as high as 80%.

As part of the London Ambulance Service’s Defibrillator Accreditation Scheme, Grosvenor staff and partners from Ethos Facilities and Gallowglass Security have been trained on how to respond to cardiac arrests and use the equipment. However, they can be used by any member of the public, without training.

Requiring a power supply, the defibrillator has been positioned behind the September 11 Memorial Garden in the square with the kind permission of The September 11 UK Families Support Group.   

Chris Hartley-Sharpe, Head of First Responders at London Ambulance Service said: “When a person goes into cardiac arrest, every second counts.

“While our medics respond very quickly to cardiac arrest calls, the prompt intervention of passers-by can make all the difference.

“We know that some members of the public can be afraid to step in, sometimes for fear of ‘making the situation worse’. Our message to Londoners is that the automated defibrillators are designed for anyone to use and your actions could give someone a vital chance at survival.”

Keith Bailey, Location Director, Mayfair, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland commented: “A defibrillator gives an electric shock to restart someone’s heart when they are in cardiac arrest, offering them the best chance of survival.

“Being able to increase access to such easy to use life-saving equipment in such a popular place on our estate was an easy decision for us to make and would like to thank the families of the September 11 Group for their kind agreement to house the defibrillator on their memorial.”

Watch this short video from the London Ambulance Service to learn how to use a defibrillator.  

The Defibrillator Accreditation Scheme scheme has seen c5,000 publicly accessible defibrillators installed across London - Find out here if there is one near you.

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