Green leases to drive down emissions in central London

Renowned florist Pulbrook & Gould has become the first retailer to sign a new ‘green’ lease with landlord Grosvenor Britain & Ireland aimed at driving down carbon emissions and improving air quality across Mayfair and Belgravia.

Pulbrook & Gould, which creates memorable and adventurous floral works of art, are committed to sustainable floristry, prioritising British grown flowers and natural materials. The new lease enables the florist to extend its sustainability activity to the running of its new flagship store on Buckingham Palace Road, reducing its environmental footprint and contributing to a greener Belgravia.

Working with Grosvenor, Pulbrook & Gould will collect and share energy consumption data, implement a waste reduction and recycling programme, utilise only green energy and join a new tenant forum to share experiences and accelerate innovation.

With almost 1,000 office and retail properties, tenant emissions account for 90% of all operational emissions from buildings owned by Grosvenor. To meet its ambitious net zero carbon, zero waste and biodiversity goals, greater partnership with tenants is essential.

Tor Burrows, Director of Sustainability & Innovation, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland said: “Working together, landlords and tenants can drive down emissions much faster, creating healthier, more sustainable places. We’re also acutely aware of the cost pressures on businesses and the changes to leases only include no cost or low-cost initiatives.”

Erik Karlsen, Managing Director, Pulbrook & Gould added: “Grosvenor’s new green lease allows us to extend our ethos of sustainable floristry.”

The leases will now be now standard for all new office and retail tenants owned by Grosvenor in Mayfair and Belgravia and will be adopted over time by existing occupiers.

Through green leases, Grosvenor will now:

  • Collect, analyse and act on tenant energy and water consumption data
  • Procure 100% deep green energy for tenants at highly competitive and less volatile prices
  • Prepare EPCs for buildings and determine landlord’s works necessary to improve environmental performance
  • Pre-agree a dilapidations payment, avoiding risk of duplicated works at lease end
  • Expand waste and delivery consolidation programmes to reduce traffic and pollution
  • Provide opportunities for training and knowledge sharing

Tor Burrows, added: “Our approach enables companies to choose a landlord focussed on working with them to operate sustainably and survive commercially. By leveraging our buying power, a smaller business could save c 6% on electricity bills, time in setting up and managing utilities as well as reducing their CO2 emissions.”

Grosvenor does not charge for this procurement service.

Click here for images from Pulbrook & Gould’s new flagship store.

Green lease overview: 



  • Grosvenor procured utilities adopted
  • Tenant to allow entry for an EPC to be prepared
  • Tenant to allow entry for landlord’s works necessary to improve environmental performance
  • Tenant undertakes that any alterations will not adversely impact EPC/Environmental Performance 
  • Option for new dilapidations clause
  • Metering 
  • Grosvenor procured utilities adopted
  • Grosvenor procured waste collection adopted
  • Tenant to allow entry for an EPC to be prepared
  • Tenant to allow entry for landlord’s works necessary to improve environmental performance
  • Tenant undertakes that any alterations will not    adversely impact EPC/Environmental Performance 
  • Data sharing 
  • Metering 
  • Option for new dilapidations clause


About Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland creates great places where communities, business and nature thrive. 

In London’s West End, we support 9,000 residents, c1,000 businesses and 50,000 workers every day. We also create and manage sustainable neighbourhoods in London, Liverpool and across the South East of England. 

We are one part of a global, family owned business that has been developing and managing land and property for over 340 years.  Thinking long term allows us to give equal weight to the environmental, social and commercial impact of everything that we do. 

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