Grosvenor is Founding Partner of London Air Quality Campaign #AirWeShare

To help better understand the impact of pollution on employees and those who visit their London estate, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland has become a founding partner of the air quality campaign, #AirWeShare.

#AirWeShare was created by a coalition of leading companies across the capital who want to cut air pollution and create greener, healthier cities that are better for their communities. The ambition of the campaign is to measure air quality, raise awareness, and change Londoners’ behaviours to reduce their overall exposure to air pollution.

To find out more about how individuals are exposed to air pollution, environmental charity, Hubbub, in partnership with King’s College London monitored 10 Londoners over the period of 1 week. Participants - employees from the coalition - with different hobbies, occupations and travel routines carried portable air pollution monitors with the data being analysed by the team at King’s College to understand the levels of black carbon found in the air across London.

For Grosvenor, the findings will help inform the progression of its commitment to achieving cleaner air in its neighbourhoods, which is also one of Grosvenor’s 12 commitments within its newly launched Supply Chain Charter. Today, the company is working hard with occupiers and suppliers to reduce traffic and the use of diesel vehicles and machinery on its London estate. Click here to find out more about Grosvenor Britain & Ireland’s sustainability commitments and other initiatives.

Click here to find out more about #AirWeShare here and the results from the campaign.

Click here to read more about Grosvenor Britain & Ireland’s sustainability strategy.

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