How are we supporting our European communities during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are continually monitoring official advice regarding COVID-19 in our European locations and are actively managing our response in line with this advice.

Our priorities remain to:

  1. Help reduce the rate at which the virus spreads, and
  2. Support our local communities and their long-term future.

We work in some of the most vibrant European communities, and we develop and manage places which bring together residents, workers and visitors. It is our priority that these places remain successful and dynamic in the long term, and so in this unprecedented situation, we are doing all we can to support our stakeholders.

Charitable support

Grosvenor Europe has donated €70.000 to ten initiatives across Europe, ​to support medical staff on the front line and help to protect the most vulnerable in our communities.


Three charities will receive €5.000 each:​

  • APHP to support COVID-19 research in Paris hospitals.​
  • Fondation Abbé Pierre to distribute basic necessities and food and provide emergency accommodation to the homeless, who have been severely impacted by the pandemic.​
  • Woman Safe to support victims of domestic violence, many of whom are particularly vulnerable as a result of isolation measures. 


€18.300 will be allocated across three initiatives: ​

  • €12.000 will be allocated to purchase and deliver much needed medical supplies such as masks and hand gel to two hospitals in Madrid through KrapeS.A .
  • €3.150 tourau Auara to supply drinking water to hospitals across Madrid.​
  • €3.150 to Zarosan to enable manufacturing of PPE equipment through 3D printing. Printers will be donated to an existing charity partner following the crisis. ​


Three charities will receive €5.000 each:​

  • Red Cross to help supply essential protective equipment to hospital staff and ambulance medics such as masks, gloves, overalls etc. ​
  • Maskrosan to protect children (13-19 yrs) suffering from abuse at home.​
  • Stadsmission to provide the homeless with food and basic necessities and also helps deliver food to the elderly.  


We have committed €5.000 to NHS Heroes. This charity is supporting the NHS and funds will be allocated to manufacture medical equipment or provide physical and mental support to NHS workers across the country, through activities like counselling, childcare and food donations. ​

This amount is in addition to pledges made by the Duke of Westminster and Grosvenor Britain & Ireland.​

Community support

In addition to working closely with our tenants on a case-by-case basis to ease cashflow concerns, including reducing the opening hours of some shopping centres, we have also implemented several initiatives which jointly support our tenants and local communities, including home delivery services, local online cooperation groups and live online concerts. Please find a selection of these initiatives below:

Lidingö Centrum, Stockholm
We are running a delivery service in cooperation with our tenants and the municipality. People who cannot visit the centre can order goods for home delivery, free on weekdays between 11.30am - 5pm. So far, up to 200 households have used the service.

Skärholmen Centrum, Stockholm
A food delivery service has been established on behalf of the restaurants in the centre. Home deliveries take place within a ten kilometre radius of the centre on weekdays between 12pm - 2pm and at 5pm, with a delivery time of 30-45 minutes.

Väsby Centrum and Bålsta Centrum, Stockholm
In early April, we launched a free home delivery service with Väsby Centrum’s restaurants and cafés and a local taxi company. Home delivery of traditional ‘take away’ orders takes place every hour on weekdays between 12pm - 5pm, within a ten kilometre radius. A similar initiative is planned at Bålsta Centrum.

Haninge Centrum, Stockholm
Haninge Centrum has established an online community group for locals to help each other. Individuals can either request or offer help, for activities such as purchasing food, managing the garbage and other items. There is also a plan to arrange a live concert on Haninge Centrum's Instagram, to provide entertainment to those in isolation, and a free home delivery service for the centre's restaurants and cafés is about to launch.

Burlöv Center, Malmö
Since the beginning of April, free electric cars and bikes have been available to visitors at the centre, thanks to a partnership with Hyundai Arlöv. We are about to launch a home delivery service for the centre's restaurants between 11am - 6pm weekdays and 12pm – 3pm on weekends.   

Liverpool ONE
We are keeping in contact with the city's volunteer network, the City Stars, who are largely older residents now in isolation. By keeping in touch on behalf of the city, we are supporting their mental wellbeing. We adapted our successful Dinosaurs Unleashed mobile app so players can now hatch, feed and battle dinosaurs from the comfort of home. We also brought our annual Tickle the Ivories festival online. 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of the much-loved piano busking festival and a specially curated playlist of the best performances from the last decade is available to view on YouTube now

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