Revolutionary Anti-Viral & Air Purifying Paint Adopted by Grosvenor

Anti-viral paint that actively breaks down pollutants will clean the air in homes, shops and offices in central London

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland is the first UK landlord to adopt a ground-breaking environmentally friendly paint to drive sustainability, air quality and wellbeing across its portfolio.

Airlite is a revolutionary product that mimics nature, actively purifying the air, neutralising pollutants and bacteria as well as breaking down viruses like influenza.

Independent studies have shown that Airlite is as effective as trees in breaking down pollutants1. In Mayfair and Belgravia, Grosvenor supports 9,000 residents, c1,000 businesses and 50,000 workers every day. Painting 50 typical 6-floor offices in Grosvenor’s portfolio would neutralise the same amount of toxic nitrogen oxide (NOx) as planting 100,000m2 of mature trees in the area.

The paint:

  • Eliminates 99.99% of bacteria2 and destroys viruses3 on painted surfaces after 15 minutes of contact4
  • Actively breaks down:
    • NOx to purify the air and reduce toxins indoors by up to 88%5
    • VOCs released from building materials, cleaning products and other solvents
  • Has a carbon footprint up to 76% lower than paints currently used in Grosvenor properties5
  • Contributes to major building certification schemes such as BREEAM, LEED and WELL.

Airlite’s active properties do not reduce over time. The air purifying, anti-viral and antibacterial qualities remain active for the lifetime of the paint.

Our trials with suppliers and tenants have confirmed for Grosvenor the product’s quality and led to its adoption. The paint has already been used in Grosvenor’s headquarters in Mayfair and by tenants including renowned florist Pulbrook & Gould at its new Belgravia flagship store.

Tor Burrows, Director of Sustainability & Innovation, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland commented: “Adopting this ground-breaking product will help us to drive the environmental performance of our buildings and air quality for those who live and work in Mayfair and Belgravia. Its ability to also kill bacteria and strains of influenza is a game-changing advancement for the wellbeing of all those in our places.”

Chris Leighton, Managing Director UK of Airlite, added: “Previously, paint was solely decorative, but now, it can play an active role in your health.

“Especially in urban areas where pollution is at its highest, Airlite provides an escape from dirty air. This helps prevent respiratory problems arising and gives homes and workspaces the security and cleanliness that haven’t been available from paints before now.”

In 2019, Grosvenor set ambitious zero carbon, zero waste and biodiversity goals – working both in its directly managed properties and with tenants the business will look to leverage the full sustainability and health benefits of Airlite for residents, workers, retailers and visitors.


About Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland creates great places where communities, business and nature thrive. 

In London’s West End, we support 9,000 residents, c1,000 businesses and 50,000 workers every day. We also create and manage sustainable neighbourhoods in London, Liverpool and across the South East of England. 

We are one part of a global, family owned business that has been developing and managing land and property for over 340 years.  Thinking long term allows us to give equal weight to the environmental, social and commercial impact of everything that we do. 

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