Think Zero - Our pathway to a better future

James Raynor introduces Grosvenor Britain & Ireland's zero carbon pathway, Think Zero.

Time is running out for us to manage climate change. It’s hard to overstate this point. Personally and professionally, we have to transform the way we live and work – and do it now.

But there is also an amazing energy around this issue. Our Pathway to net zero is just one of 25 from UK property companies that have £300bn worth of assets under management. On this agenda, real estate is showing real leadership. 

Like many others, Grosvenor has been working to cut carbon for some time. A £25m retrofit programme has already resulted in a 25% carbon saving since 2013 and I’m now proud to announce a £90m programme to retrofit and future-proof our historic London estate.

This Pathway also goes much further than setting out a strategy. It contains many of the tools required to deliver it, from an Environmental Scorecard for developments to green leases and a Supply Chain Charter.

Here as in all things, behaviour matters. We have sought to be completely honest and transparent in setting out this Pathway and prioritised transforming our business so that it, and the places we manage, will be fit for the future.  

We are also genuinely committed to working hand in glove with our tenants, suppliers and communities. It’s an obvious point to make but carbon reduction across a whole value chain isn’t something you can achieve alone and ultimately it secures our mutual success.

James Raynor
Chief Executive, Grosvenor Britain & Ireland  

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