West End Gets Green Make Over

3,000 New Plants Frame Mayfair Streets As Part of Long-Term Biodiversity Drive

Over 3,000 new plants are now framing four of the West End’s most stunning retail streets, in a new initiative by Grosvenor Britain & Ireland to green and improve the environment in Mayfair with retailers and office occupiers.

Mount Street, North Audley Street, Duke Street and South Molton Street are now home to dramatic displays of planting that encourages wildlife, improves local air quality and produces a dramatic on street experience throughout the seasons.

The planting covers ‘forecourts’, the small area in front of buildings, before the pavement begins.

In addition to environmental benefits, there is mounting evidence that incorporating greening in the built environment can improve quality of life: reduce stress, blood pressure and heart rates, whilst increasing self-reported rates of mental health and well-being.

Amelia Bright, Executive Director, London Estate Grosvenor Britain & Ireland commented: “Crafting new green space in city centres requires imagination and determination. By creatively greening these tiny slivers of land we are bringing nature back into people’s everyday lives and maximising every possible space to improve the West End’s environment.

“The new planting softens the West End’s harder edges while celebrating its incredible architecture and improving the environment for all. We will continue to invest in innovative initiatives like this.”

Grosvenor is working to ambitious sustainability goals covering zero carbon, zero waste and increasing biodiversity. By 2030, the business has committed to increasing purposeful green space on its London estate and achieving a significant net biodiversity gain across its portfolio  by collaborating with partners such as tenants, residents and Westminster Council.

In the last five years, Grosvenor has installed over 240 green features across Mayfair and Belgravia and recent projects include the work to transform Grosvenor Square in to a world-class natural haven in central London, the installation of the world’s first green lamp posts in Belgravia and the business’ support of community garden projects via its Spacehive funding page.

Grosvenor was supported on this project by Scotscape and all the materials and plants used have been sustainably sourced.

Watch the video below to see more.


About Grosvenor Britain & Ireland

Grosvenor Britain & Ireland creates great places where communities, business and nature thrive. 

In London’s West End, we support 9,000 residents, c1,000 businesses and 50,000 workers every day. We also create and manage sustainable neighbourhoods in London, Liverpool and across the South East of England. 

We are one part of a global, family owned business that has been developing and managing land and property for over 340 years.  Thinking long term allows us to give equal weight to the environmental, social and commercial impact of everything that we do. 

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