Supporting Community Success

Grosvenor’s success is directly linked to the success of the places where we operate.  We recognise there’s a reciprocal relationship between the wellbeing and prosperity of these neighbourhoods and that of our business.  We flourish or fail together.

We see this relationship with communities as both an opportunity and imperative. It’s an opportunity to create new kinds of value which can be sustained over time in a fast-changing world and an imperative for any property company that wants to retain its licence to operate.

When we use the word community, for us it refers to three groups of people and the social infrastructure that represents and supports them:

  • residents in all forms of housing who live in the places where we operate;
  • the working population in shops, offices, light industry and other premises;
  • and the visitors who come to these places every day for business or for pleasure.

Our ambition over the next ten years is to support the personal and economic wellbeing of these three communities and the prosperity of their neighbourhoods as a whole.  This is what we mean by success.

We are in the process of developing a strategy to achieve this which includes research to baseline how different neighbourhoods perform (so we understand the picture today), developing a bespoke framework for measuring people’s wellbeing (using nationally comparable data), and setting specific goals for the difference we want to make.

Alongside this, Grosvenor continues to invest heavily in making a positive social impact:   

  • Through new development on sites like the former Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, the Cundy Street Quarter in Belgravia, and Barton Park near Oxford, ensuring this benefits existing communities as well as new residents
  • Supporting over 700 commercial tenants, mostly small and independent businesses, so they can thrive and serve their customers 
  • Involving communities closely in how their neighbourhood gets made and managed using our community charter, Positive Space
  • Giving young people specifically a much bigger voice through a national youth engagement toolkit and projects like the new Mayfair Youth Forum
  • Using our Supply Chain Charter to generate more social value through the way that we procure goods and services
  • Giving money and time to help individuals and charities, like the Doorstep Library, and supporting the Westminster Foundation
  • Advocating in our sector and with Government for policy and practices that will generate better social outcomes for everyone

Ultimately, we want to be able to harness the power of community to help tackle issues like the climate emergency and create places that are better for the next century, not just his one.

You can read more about some of our projects and ideas below. If you want to discuss anything to do with community success, please contact

Positive Space

Our Community Charter

Voice. Opportunity. Power

Giving young people a voice

Building trust

Measuring public trust in the planning system

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