Our purpose is to improve property and places to deliver lasting commercial and social benefit

Focused on our communities

Whether responding to a crisis like COVID-19, developing or managing a single asset, operating at a larger neighbourhood scale, or actively engaging with government, industry bodies and other institutions to put forward informed and considered policy contributions at a city level, we aim to have a positive impact on today’s communities while being alive and responsive to the needs of future generations.

Optimising the delivery of commercial and social benefit

Throughout 2019, we delivered commercial and social benefit by developing, managing and investing to improve property and places across our international markets.

Acting quickly to provide support

Early in 2020, we acted quickly to help our tenants, customers, partners, communities and people deal with COVID-19, offering practical and financial support to help businesses and individuals cope.

Making an impact

As we continue to review the support we are providing on an ongoing basis, adapting our response as needed to ensure we continue to do all we can to help our communities, we are also ready to advance our ambitious business plans to deliver long-term growth and social benefit. Read out case studies to find out more about the positive impact our international projects are already having or are aiming to deliver once fully realised.

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