Conducting a biodiversity study to preserve local wildlife in Nanjing, China

As part of our commitment to preserving and enhancing the natural environment at our developments, we commissioned Nanjing University to conduct a biodiversity study at our residential project – DAYU VILLA – in Nanjing, China.

The research involved collecting samples to evaluate biodiversity at the site before construction so that we would understand how to protect and enhance the surrounding area’s wildlife after construction. The report allowed us to discover habitats we didn’t know existed and revealed that the site is home to 119 plant species, 11 aquatic species and 8 avian species.

We are incorporating recommendations on how to mitigate negative environmental impacts caused by the construction, such as reforesting the river banks and applying measures to prevent soil erosion.

Together with our partner Fosun we are developing 167 low-density homes at DAYU VILLA, nestled between hills, forest and the lake. The new community is designed to maximise the natural environment and the biodiversity study will help ensure that the lake continues to attract the rich variety of wildlife to the area once residents move in.

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