Delivering socio-economic benefits locally and nationally

Four Ashes Ltd is a joint venture which is proposing a new strategic rail freight interchange in the West Midlands – the West Midlands Interchange (WMI) – in response to Government policy identifying the need for greater rail freight provision.

In 2020, the UK Secretary of State for Transport approved our Development Consent Order application with Kilbride for an 8m sq ft Strategic Rail Freight Interchange in the West Midlands: a pivotal scheme which will create much needed employment and help reduce carbon dioxide and nitrous dioxide emissions by transferring goods from road to rail.

The scheme will have the capacity to deliver socio-economic benefits to both the local and the national economies, including:

  • the creation of approximately 8,550 direct jobs;
  • the generation of approximately £427m of local economic activity and £912m of national economic activity, annually through the supply chain; and
  • helping to reduce emissions by facilitating and encouraging the shift of goods from road to rail. Rail freight produces 70% less carbon dioxide, up to 15 times lower nitrogen oxide emissions and nearly 90% lower particulate emissions than road freight tonne-for-tonne.

Four Ashes Ltd is a three way partnership led by Kilbride Holdings, backed by both Grosvenor’s Indirect Investment team and Piers Monkton, the majority landowner.

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