Improving air quality in our European shopping centres

We are one of the first property companies in the world to monitor the indoor air quality of a retail portfolio.

The programme was launched in June 2019 at Skärholmen Centrumand Väsby Centrum in Stockholm, and monitors pollutants such as particulate matter and carbon dioxide.

The project also provides a comparison with outdoor air standards, allowing us to understand the effectiveness of our ventilation systems and to identify ways to maximise the health and wellbeing

of customers, such as trialling new cleaning products.

Results so far have shown:

  • Outdoor air pollutant levels are 57% below World Health Organization prescribed limits;
  • Indoor air pollutant are levels 40-60% below best practice guidelines and healthier than outdoor air levels; and
  • Energy savings are sufficient to power 235 dwellings per year, based on results so far.
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