Pioneering net-zero building design in Tokyo

In April 2020, we acquired our first proprietary development site in Tokyo, Japan. When completed, the mixed-use project will be Grosvenor Asia Pacific’s first ‘net zero ready’ building, meaning it will incorporate a number of features that will deliver a material reduction in carbon footprint, both in terms of embodied and operational carbon.

The development is located in the dynamic Higashi-Ginza neighbourhood. We believe that our net zero ready building will contribute to the community’s sustainability and will help to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

The building will look to decrease energy use and create renewable energy on site, a process which can be continuously upgraded as technology advances. As a result of design enhancements, we expect the building to achieve an overall 44% reduction in landlord energy use, including 12% of energy generation through on-site renewables. The expected improvement in on-site renewable energy generation, coupled with renewable energy procurement, will enable the building to achieve its net zero carbon status by 2030. This project marks a pivotal milestone for Grosvenor’s net zero ambitions, and particularly for our business in Asia Pacific.

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