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Our financial performance in 2018 once again proved better than expected, despite continuing moderate global growth. This was again largely due to our international diversification, which has helped to even out regional variations in results over the past year and over the cycle.

Going forward our plan is to continue to invest in those cities we believe will outperform financially and where we are already engaged, keeping our focus on generating long term value and on having a positive impact on the communities in which we are active.

Please take a look at the short film below to see some key highlights from across the Group in 2018. You can read our financial results press announcement here, access key documents and policies below and click here to access our reporting archive.

A year in review

Watch this short film to see key activity and performance highlights from across the Group in 2018.

2018 Financial Statements

Learn more about our financial performance in 2018.

2018 Non-Financial Data Report

Learn more about the data in our 2018 Review.

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