Respecting the environment and efficiently using natural resources

As an international business, we are aware of the far-reaching consequences of climate change and recognise the need for collective, direct and ambitious action to protect our planet. Moreover, we believe that business must take a leading role in shaping the global solutions that are required.

In 2019, we signed up to the World Green Building Council’s (WGBC) commitment to achieve net-zero carbon operational emissions from all of our directly managed buildings globally by 2030, and to work towards all buildings, directly and indirectly managed, being embodied and operationally ‘net zero’ across our portfolio by 2050.

Alongside our net zero carbon target, we seek to reduce our water consumption and waste generation year on year, as we understand the need to carefully and efficiently manage our use of natural resources. 

Furthermore, as a Group, we are highly conscious of the crucial role that biodiversity plays in carbon sequestration, as well as the positive impact it can have on the mental wellbeing of those who interact with it. We are conscious too of the detrimental impact that development and construction activities can have on the natural landscape. Protecting and restoring biodiversity on all of our sites is therefore very important and is part of our wider environmental strategy.

Learn more about our latest environmental sustainability initiatives below and find out about other ways we are delivering lasting social benefit by clicking here.

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