Liverpool ONE: a lasting legacy for the people of Liverpool

Liverpool ONE is amongst the most successful examples of urban regeneration ever to take place in the UK. The transformative scheme celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018.

Liverpool ONE, a transformative mixed-use scheme in the heart of Liverpool, has enjoyed phenomenal success over the past decade, and has contributed greatly to the growth of the wider Liverpool City Region.

To mark its 10th anniversary in 2018, we commissioned an impact assessment report to consider the wide-reaching impact the scheme has had on the wider Liverpool City Region.

Liverpool ONE has helped the city:

  • attract over £8.6bn of investment
  • deliver £3.3bn in total Gross Value Added (GVA) to the Liverpool City Region
  • create just under 5,000 jobs for residents in the region; and
  • welcome over 286 million visitors since opening in 2008.

As well as contributing to the local economy, we have donated £2m to the community via the Liverpool ONE Foundation, an enterprise set up before Liverpool ONE opened to provide support to community projects across the city region.

The Foundation has directly assisted 339 community and voluntary projects, reached an estimated 380,000 people, the equivalent of one in six of the Liverpool City Region’s population. In addition to this, the Foundation has built up a £2m endowment since Liverpool ONE opened.

Celebrating 10 years of Liverpool ONE

Watch a short video highlighting the success of Liverpool ONE

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