Grosvenor Farms

Grosvenor Farms produce high-quality, nutritious, milk and cereal grains, adopting sustainable practices that benefit animal welfare and enhance the environment.  

From our award-winning commercial farm within Grosvenor’s Eaton Estate in Cheshire, we produce over 35 million litres of fresh milk a year – enough for half a million people every day – and grow 2,200 hectares of forage and grains for food production and animal feed. 

Our ambition is to be the UK’s leading producer of milk and cereal grains, farming sustainably to become a net zero carbon operation by 2030, building on our 50% carbon reduction achieved over the past five years.  

We are a values-led organisation which represents the Grosvenor family. Our work in farming alongside Grosvenor’s other activities in international urban property, food & agtech, rural estate management and support for philanthropic initiatives, shares a common purpose - to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit - addressing today’s needs while taking responsibility for those of future generations.  

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