Efforts to restore populations of Atlantic salmon and sea trout in full flow

A telemetry system for one of the largest fish monitoring exercises in the UK was installed on the Reay Forest Estate in support of Project Laxford, our decade-long study in partnership with the Atlantic Salmon Trust.

The pioneering project aims to better understand the River Laxford catchment and restore populations of Atlantic salmon and sea trout.

  • Between 19 September and 20 October 2022, more than 1,400 salmon were tagged, measured and weighed. This information will help to determine whether shape, size, sex or origin of the fish within the catchment has a bearing on their survival.
  • Four Passive Integrated Transponder arrays were introduced, enabling researchers to track the movements of tagged salmon across the whole catchment and provide information about the timing and behaviour of migrations as well as survival rates in both freshwater and marine environments.
  • An Adaptive Resolution Imaging Software fish counter, which uses high-definition sonar to record images of passing fish, was deployed in July.
  • 14 thermometers to record the water temperature every 15 minutes were installed at strategic locations across the catchment to monitor the impact of temperature on the fish populations.
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