Careers in Rural Estates

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Hello, we’re Grosvenor Family Office & Rural Estates.

The Grosvenor Family Office is responsible for the management of operational and advisory support services, including activities focused on heritage and conservation.  Part of the Family Office are the Grosvenor Rural Estates, whose teams are responsible for the long-term stewardship of the Eaton, Abbeystead and Reay Forest estates in the United Kingdom. 

We offer a truly unique working environment with diverse activities and locations which means we’re looking for talented people with the wide range of skills and specialisms we need to help us deliver on our ambitions.

What we do

Our activities span the conservation of precious, often protected, environments, improving properties and places in our local communities.

We support the activities and interests of the Grosvenor family as well as operating leading commercial activities, such as the production of nutritious milk and cereal grains on our award-winning farm or manufacturing sustainable timber products.  

This diverse work requires a breadth of roles from property managers, specialist trades – including heritage and traditional skills – to conservationists, foresters, farm hands and more typical professional services.

We're part of something much bigger too. Internationally, our business spans rural estate management, urban property, food and agtech, and support for philanthropic initiatives. All united by a common purpose: to deliver lasting commercial, social and environmental benefit.

What matters to us

Sustainability and supporting our communities are the common threads running through all our activitiesfrom our ambitious net zero carbon aspirations to restoring populations of endangered speciesthe management of over 2,800 hectares of woodlands and enhancing our homes and commercial properties to be more resilient to the impacts of climate change. 

We’ve managed our rural estates for centuries and we use the learning from our history to apply a far-sighted perspective, taking responsibility for future generations.  

What's it like to work here?

We work close to nature, whether that’s in the Scottish Highlands, among the mosaic of habitats which make up Bowland’s upland moorland in Lancashire or the fertile agricultural land of the Cheshire plain. 

We’re a progressive and innovative organisation, frequently the leader in the sector, from retrofitting historic properties, producing milk with one of the lowest carbon footprints in the UK or being recognised for best practice in conservation. 

The variety of roles, skills and environments on our rural estates make us a unique and diverse organisation; muddy boots are a common sight in our ‘offices’ which comprise everything from the conventional to roof tops, riverbeds and tractor cabins.  

What our people say


Rural Surveyor, up-cycler and dog owner

I’m Sarah and I’m a Rural Surveyor for Grosvenor Rural Estates. I joined Grosvenor from my school sixth form on an apprenticeship. I’ve worked in different parts of the rural estates team before becoming a surveying technician within the estate management team. This gave me the opportunity to study for an associate member RICS and to qualify as a surveyor.  

I love the variety in what I do and no two days are ever the same. I work around beautiful natural environments and interesting historic properties. I couldn’t go back to a desk job now.  

You can be yourself at Grosvenor. You’re encouraged to be the same person you are around your kitchen table.

Outside of work I like to make things from creating jewellery, to working with clay and upholstery.

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Apprentice Arborist, ecologist and rock climber

I’ve always had a desire to work outdoors and in environmental conservation. I recently completed a degree in ecology at university so when I found the role on the government’s apprenticeship website it was a perfect fit. Now I’m outside every day come rain or shine!  

Arborists specialise in trees which are not used as timber crops. I’m learning so much about trees, their health and management as well as building my ecological knowledge. It’s a great opportunity to learn from experienced colleagues in the field alongside my formal studies.  

I’m really proud to be a woman in the forestry industry, which still isn’t very common. Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging. I’m happy to be breaking the mould.  

In my spare time, I like rock climbing. Although the techniques are different, you’ve got to be mentally strong to climb and work in the trees so it puts me in good stead.  

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Trainee Accountant, craft maker, avid reader and charity volunteer

I’m a Trainee Management Accountant in the Grosvenor Family Office. Accounting to me is more about problem solving and analysis than spreadsheets. There’s a business partner element too, which means I speak to different teams, providing analysis and guidance on their budgets. It’s rewarding to know my work benefits individuals as well as the business.  

People at Grosvenor recognise potential and if you’re willing to put yourself out and ask, you will be supported. Having joined Grosvenor as a contractor, I’m now permanent and Grosvenor is supporting me through a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) masters-level apprenticeship. I’m excited to see how far I can progress in my career. 

Away from work, I bring out my creative side through reading and volunteering. I can bring my passions to work whether it’s as part of the Sports & Social book club or organising events for the charity committee. 

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Arable Manager, countryside sports enthusiast and tractor restorer 

I’m Charlie and I’m the Arable Manager at Grosvenor Farms, our award-winning commercial farm in Cheshire. I joined Grosvenor on its rural estates graduate programme and found my calling in agriculture. It’s become a hobby and a profession at the same time. 

We may have diverse activities but Grosvenor is one organisation sharing the same goals. I’ve been working closely with the Sustainability and Innovation Team on Grosvenor’s net zero carbon strategy to share the knowledge that we’ve gained from reducing the footprint of our dairy activities, which has been really rewarding.  

We get to collaborate with different teams and we all work together to improve land, property, places, goods and services, for the next generation and I think we’re doing a good job of it to be fair.

Grosvenor has supported me to complete a Nuffield Farming Scholarship, a prestigious scheme which aims to bring positive change to agriculture through the development of its future leaders. We are an organisation that lets you explore all the things you’re interested in and bring that back to the business to make it better.  

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