Enhancing the productivity and sustainability of British farming

We furthered our funding of Oxbury Bank – the UK’s first and only bank dedicated to the agtech sector – which is enabling British farmers and their supply chains to manage their finances more efficiently and effectively, to enhance their productivity and sustainability.

Oxbury raised equity from new and existing investors, including Grosvenor Food & AgTech, bringing the total capital raised to £77m. 

The business has broken even just two years from launch, is on target for a full year of profitability in 2023 and to exceed £1bn in lending by 2024, at least 50% of which will assist farms to transition to more climate- friendly production.

Oxbury’s unique and proprietary agtech banking platform – Oxbury Earth – is also powering a new range of unique data solutions for its farming and supply chain customers, enabling them to gain critical new data insights to improve sustainability, provenance and productivity performance across their businesses.

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