Participating in a programme to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from beef production by 50%

We are working with Vytelle, who combine integrated monitoring systems which enable producers to identify their elite performing beef and dairy cattle, with its market-leading reproductive technologies, to fast forward genetic progress by matching traits with improved outcomes.

Vytelle is part of a five-year programme which was launched in 2022 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from beef production by over 50% and provide economic benefit for commercial cattle producers.

The USDA Partnership for Climate- Smart Commodities Initiative pilot project, led by Low Carbon Beef, a certification company, is implementing climate-smart methods in beef production, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, expanding climate-smart markets and generating carbon credit revenue for producers.

Specifically, Vytelle’s technology will be installed in cow-calf ranches to capture mature cow weights and a feedlot to collect individual animal dry matter intake, growth, performance and behaviour data.

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