Smallhold Inc.

We’re helping to put sustainably grown, organic, speciality mushrooms - delivered to customers within a day of being harvested –- on the menu…

Smallhold Inc is on a mission to innovate mushroom production by providing customers with fresh and nutritious, local, organic fungi which are grown in urban environments. The Smallhold model reduces the time from harvest to delivery from over 10 days on a traditional farm to an average of just one day.

Conventional mushroom production hasn’t changed in over a century. More than 70% of U.S mushrooms come from just one town and three-quarters are of the same variety: button mushrooms.

New York, US, based Smallhold, grows its wide range of specialist mushrooms on sawdust blocks – diverting waste from landfill – in its patented, modular, rapidly deployable, growth chambers which mimic natural environments.

The company operates Minifarms – which grow its high-quality mushrooms on-site at restaurants and grocery stores – and Macrofarms, which grow the mushrooms in centralised warehouse facilities in urban centres, reducing the waste associated with packaging and transporting fresh produce. The company also sells grow kits for home use.

Smallhold’s sustainable, vertical farming technology enables cost effective, year-round production of certified organic mushrooms which are packaged using as little plastic as possible.

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