What information do you require from us to enter?

  • Website
  • Business address
  • 500 word entry on your approach to sustainability
  • Optional images or videos to support your entry
  • Optional questions around sustainability and your business

Does our entry have to be sustainability activity already delivered?

Your entry can highlight delivered sustainability projects, current approaches or plans for the future to become more sustainable, but please provide this detail in your entry.

entered into last year’s awards, can I enter again?

Yes, we encourage you to enter again if you entered last year. While it would be preferable to use a new initiative/activity since last year, this is not essential. 

How will by entry be judged?

Entries will be read and shortlisted by Grosvenor’s Sustainability & Innovation team, before judging by a panel of judges listed on our main Grosvenor Sustainability Awards Page. All entrants are able to request feedback on their entries by emailing sustainabilityaward@grosvenor.com 

How many categories can I enter?

You are only able to submit one entry per occupier. We advise you read the categories before submitting to help shape your entry based on the themes we are looking for. 

When is the entry deadline?

The deadline for entries is on the 28th October at 11:59pm. If you are experiencing difficulties with the entry form please email sustainabilityaward@grosvenor.com but we cannot guarantee your entry will be included past the deadline. 

Do I have to be a Grosvenor occupier?

The Awards are currently only open to Grosvenor occupiers. However, if you are not a Grosvenor occupier but you would like to be involved in our Sustainability Network please email sustainability@grosvenor.com 

How and when will I find out if my entry has won?

Entries will be judged in November and announced on the 18th November to mark the end of the international climate summit COP27. Entries may be highlighted through our communication channels in January 2023. 

Can I use the awards logo if we win?

We will provide you with a content pack after the winners have been announced, where you are welcome to use our awards logos to promote your sustainability activity. 

If I enter will I be featured on Grosvenor editorials?

We cannot guarantee features but by entering, you are agreeing to Grosvenor using your entry on our platforms unless we have received a written request to sustainabilityaward@grosvenor.com not to. 

Is there any cost with entering?

We want to ensure the awards are accessible as possible, so there are no costs associated with entering the awards

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