Sustainability Awards

Established in 2021, the Grosvenor Sustainability Awards were created to highlight the growing opportunity for property owners and tenants to collectively collaborate in building a more sustainable future. 

By highlighting business that are championing sustainability principles across Grosvenor’s estate, we hope to inspire more businesses to work toward more sustainable business models. Together, we can accelerate change, knowledge sharing and collaboration between individual businesses and Grosvenor, as well as among businesses.

This Year's Theme
According to the 2023 Circularity Gap Report, only 7.2% of used materials are cycled back into our economies, meaning that the remaining end up in landfill. Our planet cannot sustain this level of linear consumption, which is why embracing the circular economy, (which encourages waste minimization and re-use) has become increasingly critical.

In order to encourage the move toward circularity, for the first time we have selected an overarching theme for the awards, which is centred around ‘circularity and resource use’. Ditching the 'take, make, and dispose' consumption in favour of a circular economy is an effective approach to tackling climate change and other global challenges such as waste, biodiversity, and pollution by moving away from the consumption of finite resources

Open for entries, August 28 and the competition closes October 1.

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Award Categories

Circularity Champion

Overall winner. This business demonstrates initiative(s) that contribute to two or more circularity principles, scores very highly on the judging criteria and stands out as a leader in adoption of the circular economy.  

Examples of initiatives could include but are not limited to:  

  • Engaging with supply chain to reduce packaging waste 
  • Engaging customers to extend the life of your product e.g. through repair guides, repair services 
  • Encouraging recycling with staff and customers e.g. takeback schemes, staff competitions 

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Product Innovator 

Searching for a business that is embedding circularity into its product through innovative design. i.e. designing, creating, selling a product that helps reduce waste. 

Examples of initiatives could include but are not limited to:  

  • Conducting cradle to cradle assessment of product to identify where to focus action 
  • Designing out waste 
  • Trialling packaging innovations 
  • Recycled content of products 

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Waste Warrior

Rewarding the business that demonstrates their commitment to maximising their recycling rate and avoiding landfill. 

Examples of initiatives could include but are not limited to:  

  • Expanding current waste management streams to boost recycling rates 
  • Switching to zero waste to landfill provider 
  • Finding schemes for hard-to-recycle waste streams e.g. Terracycle 
  • Phasing out of single-use plastics 

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Small Business Leader

We acknowledge not all businesses have the same access to funds and resources in building out a sustainability strategy. This award is geared toward smaller business (<20) employees making genuine effort toward embracing circular principles. 

Examples of initiatives could include but are not limited to:  

  • Staff-led initiatives to encourage recycling 
  • Schemes to encourage visitors to reuse e.g. water fountains, reusable cups 
  • Running educational sessions to understand the circular economy and principles 

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Reuse Trailblazer

Rewarding the business that prioritises reuse over purchasing new across their business activities.  

Examples of initiatives could include but are not limited to:  

  • Offering takeback schemes of products/packaging to be used again 
  • Repair opportunities for customers 
  • Using third party reuse sites e.g. Globechain to source reused materials and items for refurbishments 
  • Selling or donating unwanted materials for reuse elsewhere 


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Community Activator

We are seeking to champion a member or group of the community who are creating or already delivering an initiative that delivers one or more principles of circularity and are motivating other members of the community through education and involvement.  

Examples of initiatives could include but are not limited to:  

  • Setting up of community garden with composter 
  • Redistributing surplus items to the community 
  • Education sessions on zero waste and circularity 
  • Repair sessions for the community 
  • Engagement with local authorities  

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Why enter?

Receive credit to your account

Overall winner will receive £3000 credit to their Grosvenor account. Other category winners will receive £1000 to their Grosvenor accounts.

Recognition and exposure for your hard work 

Grosvenor will promote your work in creating positive change on their social media platforms and corporate website.

 Networking opportunity with like-minded businesses

Meet, network, and knowledge share with other like-minded local businesses around themes of sustainability. Connect with an expert panel of judges, bringing diverse viewpoints and expert knowledge in the world of sustainability and circularity

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