(dis)Ability Network

Our mission and purpose

We set up this group because we want Grosvenor to be a great place to work for people living with a disability, and for the places we create and manage to be the most accessible. The group is open to all colleagues who would like to be involved in creating positive change.

Disability affects 1 in 5 of us and it’s not always visible. And with 83% of those who have a disability acquiring it in their lifetime, it can happen to any of us.

 What does the network do?

We have a great group focused on three areas: establishing an effective and practical disability policy, building on our culture and raising awareness, as well as developing and managing the most accessible properties and places. We do this through a range of different activities including information sharing, working with other property companies to influence change across the industry, training for our people and hosting interactive and engaging events. Through all of these we look to reduce any barriers to work and enjoyment of our properties and places for people living with a disability.

Our recent activities 

In 2021 we launched our network and held several events, helping colleagues support one another and improving awareness and understanding within our business. Our network produced the below awareness video which was widely shared internally and externally. We are incredibly proud of our colleagues willingness to share their personal stories and the very warm reception this group has received from the wider Grosvenor community.

In 2022, we looked at our internal policy and practice for supporting colleagues with disabilities and refreshed our approach, broadening awareness and introducing a number of new initiatives. This culminated in launching comprehensive guidelines for employees and managers to use in order to better support those with disabilities, ensuring that they are able to participate fully in the workplace.

We are also sharpening our focus on our physical properties and places, really understanding how accessible they are and setting targets to improve this and integrate accessibility into business as usual. We will be looking to set out a clear strategy to deliver positive change to our streets.

We are also working with a cross section of London stakeholders on how we can have a broader impact on the accessibility of our city.

Grosvenor's (dis)Ability Network

Grosvenor's (dis)Ability Network

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