Partnerships with diversity role models

Partnering with LGBTQ+ charities to educate young people within Westminster and Chester on diversity and inclusion

Through the Westminster Foundation we have also supported LGBTQ+ charities including Diversity Role Models (DRM) who have reached over 1,800 young people on the topic of LGBTQ+ inclusion through schools within Westminster, other parts of central London as well as Chester in Cheshire. 

In terms of impact, funding from the Westminster Foundation allowed DRM to deliver 14 full days of LGBTQ+ inclusion workshops to schools free of charge. Twelve days of workshops were delivered to Westminster schools, and two days to a school in Chester – reaching a total of 1859 individuals over 69 workshops. The sessions helped increase the number of young people who felt they had the relevant tools and knowledge to support a friend who came out as LGBT, as well as discussing issues of homophobia, transphobia, and how to challenge and report these issues within a school setting.  

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