Ben Mardall

Ben Mardall

Estate Manager, Reay Forest Estate

I lead the day-to-day operations and activities across the Reay Forest Estate, enabling team members to achieve their strategic objectives as well as liaising with our partners, neighbours and the community.

Ben joined the estate in April 2021. This new role was recognised as an essential development for the Reay Forest Estate to achieve many of the aims within its strategy.  

Ben has a strong background in rural tourism and having worked with several large estates. He understands the importance of meeting the economic, social environmental challenges on a modern Highland estate.   

Previously, Ben worked at the Helix, Home the Kelpies, one of Scotland’s most iconic tourist destinations He has a strong background in deer management, through involvement with the Association of Deer Management Groups, Deer Management Qualifications and Nature Scot’s ‘Deer Management Best Practice’.  

Ben studied countryside management at Barony College, Dumfries. During 2018 he attended the Scottish Enterprise/University of Edinburgh Business School  Developing Strategic Leadership.  In 2017 he completed the Scottish Enterprise Rural Leadership Program. Ben attended the Resilience & Leadership - Social Enterprise Academy in 2012. 

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