Can indoor farming deliver food that tastes better, is more environmentally friendly and healthier for consumers?

We think so, which is why since 2015 we have been an active investor in AeroFarms, the commercial leader in fully-controlled indoor vertical farming, growing – year round - hundreds of unique varieties of leafy greens and herbs including arugula, kale and watercress with a minimal environmental impact and virtually zero risk to food safety.

Its patented aeroponic technology where plant roots grow soil free and are misted with nutrients, water, and oxygen, use no pesticides and up to 95% less water than field farming.

Smart LED lights create a specific light recipe for each plant, giving them exactly the spectrum, intensity and frequency they need to optimise photosynthesis in an energy-efficient way. This allows our farmers control over size, shape, texture, colour, flavour, and nutrition with razor-sharp precision and increased productivity. AeroFarms innovates in seed genetics, even using the same seeds as field farming, through a combination of the latest sensing technologies and data science, as well as tools such as machine vision and AI. This approach enables the company to grow plants in half the time of traditional outdoor methods. Accelerated plant growth, along with stacking the plants and 365 days of growth can lead to as much as 390 times more productivity per square foot annually than a commercial field farm.

The company's plant scientists monitor millions of data points every harvest. The result is the ability to understand plant biology like never before and make small adjustment that can improve the plant’s nutrient density, taste and texture.

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Grosvenor Food & AgTech is what I would describe as a visionary investment partner helping us spread our vertical agriculture technology throughout the world. We have benefited hugely from the team's support; steering of our financing, the development of our strategic focus and, previously, in reshaping our board.

David Rosenberg
Chief Executive Officer, AeroFarms

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Stephan Dolezalek

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