How can protein ingredients for use in the food industry be produced without animals - using less water, land energy while generating fewer greenhouse gases?

Our investment in The EVERY Company – the market leader in engineering, manufacturing and formulating animal-free animal proteins for the global food and beverage industry – enables the sustainable production of real animal proteins without the use of a single animal. 

The EVERY Company, also known as EVERY™, is on a mission to decouple the world’s proteins from the animals that make them, beginning with egg protein. EVERY™ inserts the same genetic instructions chickens use to produce egg proteins into a yeast. The yeast is fed with sugar which, in turn, is naturally converted into protein through precision fermentation. 

The result is nature-equivalent animal protein, made without using a single animal. The end product contains no sugar, no genetically modified organisms and no rDNA. Fermentation-derived proteins can be used in a wide variety of applications including baking, as a nutritional supplement and as a protein boost for food and beverages. 

The EVERY Company’s fermentation process ensures consistent production of high-quality and highly-functional egg proteins, using significantly less water, land, and energy and generating fewer greenhouse gas emissions than animal-derived egg protein. 

San Francisco-based EVERY™ has launched the world’s first animal-free pepsin – used in nutritional supplements – with Fortune 500 ingredients company Ingredion, as well as the world’s first animal-free egg protein. It made its retail debut by announcing a limited time partnership with leading US cold-pressed juice brand Pressed to serve the world’s first nature-equivalent animal-free protein smoothie.

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