Can we identify the specific protein segments that allow our bodies to better respond to certain needs, such as muscle or tissue repair, or addressing stresses that result from ageing or inflammation, and deliver them as functional food?

Nuritas, based in Dublin, Ireland and in the U.S, harness the power of artificial intelligence and genomics to unlock the most health-benefiting components hidden within plants and natural food sources: peptides.

Nuritas is transforming the development of plant-based peptide products – naturally occurring proteins consumed as food ingredients and supplements – that deliver clinically proven health benefits with applications across functional foods (having benefit beyond basic nutrition), supplements, cosmetics and food ingredients.

Having established the world’s largest peptide knowledge base, Nuritas aims to manage and improve human health and make our food system more sustainable by replacing current unwanted ingredients and molecules with more natural and sustainable ones.

Nuritas’ platform has been shown to identify and develop new bioactives 10 times faster and 500 times more accurately than traditional discovery methods, while significantly reducing costs.

Nuritas developed PeptAide™ 4,  the world’s first AI-discovered ingredient in rice which protects skin and hair against inflammation, and recently launched two new clinically proven ingredients: PeptiYouth™, discovered from peas which slows down cellular aging and supports skin health, and PeptiStrong™, discovered in fava-beans which supports muscle health.

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