Can recyclable plant-based alternatives avoid the need for plastic packaging in fresh food delivery?

Through our investment in TemperPack – which produces a plant-based alternative to polystyrene and bubblewrap providing a sustainable, powerful insulation solution – we’ve helped avoid approx. 29,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2021, the equivalent of more than 6,400 cars being taken off the road for a whole year.

With more than 50 million shipments of its curbside recyclable protective packaging ClimaCell made in the last five years, TemperPack’s packaging protects products in an environmentally friendly way.

Its packaging is proven in the food industry, providing solutions for meal kits, online grocery deliveries, transporting frozen, fresh and prepared foods and shipping premium meats and seafood, without spoiling.  

Traditional packaging waste represents one-third of all municipal rubbish, costing local governments billions each year in disposal costs.

TemperPack’s protective liners and boxes can be easily disposed of in a curbside waste recycling bin where it can be managed alongside cardboard and, like other corrugated papers, 93% of the paper content is reused up to seven times. 

In 2021 alone, customers choosing TemperPack’s products helped divert 122 Olympic swimming pools worth of plastic from landfill and reduced water consumption on a unit of output basis by 24% compared to polystyrene.

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