A message from the Duke of Westminster upon the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen’s death has brought immense sadness and shock.

She was a constant presence in all our lives, the majority of us never knowing a world without her.

This is a time for mourning, but it can also be a moment of reflection as we honour her extraordinary life.

She was, and will remain, a focal point for international unity inspiring us all to draw the best out of each other and our communities.   

She represented a beacon of hope in times of crisis and personified national pride in times of celebration.  

While she will rightly be remembered for her resolute leadership, her service and selfless duty, I would also like to personally pay tribute to her warmth and the immense joy she brought to us all. 

On behalf of my family and everyone at Grosvenor, our thoughts are with The King, The Queen Consort and the Royal Family.

Group 2