15 FEBRUARY 2022

Grosvenor's UK Disability Network seeks to improve inclusion

14 million people live in the UK with some form of disability, with the vast majority of these ‘hidden’ or not obvious. 78% of people acquire their impairment aged 16 or older and almost half of the population with a disability do not work.

To help us all better understand what it’s like to live and work with a disability, over 20 colleagues from across our UK activities have set up a new Disability Network. Their aim is share stories including their own, raise awareness and advance company policies to ensure Grosvenor is a rewarding, supportive and inclusive place for everyone. 

The network also aims to bring new inspiration to the design and operation of our properties and places to champion visible and invisible disabilities as we adapt, manage and invest in our UK portfolio.

Jamie Whitty-Lewis, Group Reporting Director and member of the Grosvenor Disability Network said, "The enthusiasm and response from everyone in the business to this working group has been exceptional. We hope that by raising awareness around issues faced by those with a disability can help drive positive change – not only at Grosvenor but also for the communities we serve."

Rachel Garstang

Head of Corporate Communications & Stakeholder Engagement Grosvenor

+44 (0)20 7312 2341 ext.6957

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